Celebrations in Nice

Events in Nice

Nice dedicates itself to the art of celebration throughout the year. Each season is an occasion to celebrate a memorable event and give value to the events of the people  of Nice who love to have fun , as we know... Let's start to discover this apologetic side of Nice with 2,000 sensations a year!

The Great Carnival of Nice

It is a match that lasts for 2 weeks. The corners are animated and a wind of madness blows throughout the city. Every year, many visitors come to the celebration, because the latter combines with several other events, in particular those of the other cities of the Côte d'Azur, such as the Lemons Festival, the Naval Flower Corso, the Mimoza Celebration, the Violettes Day and so on. ). The Carnival for 2018 will follow the theme "King of Space"! You will have more than enough time to find a costume for the occasion!

The Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival is a festivity that dates back several years. From Louis Armstrong to Diana Krall, there are lot of them to have been renowned, those artists who have set ablaze the spectacular platforms of Nice. Most events take place in summer. Three parades are scheduled on each of Nice's two outdoor stages (Place Masséna and the Verdure Theater).

Christmas party

The Christmas party at NIce is celebrated differently. The city encourages the whole family to discover several events and free events in a contrasted and lively atmosphere. The animations are done in the city. During the festivity, everyone is dressed in light ... We feel that the heart of Nice starts to beat strongly with all its villages that come alive through the magic of Christmas! More again, the celebrations last until the beginning of January ... A great way to end the year on a high note under the colors of the capital!