Practical information about My Home In Nice, French Riviera

My Home In Nice in a few

If you have never been to France and intend to visit the country, there are two things to see: Paris of course and the French Riviera. Born from a frontal collision between the Alps and the Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera and the area of Nice in particular offer amazing views. Painters, poets and filmmakers have been seduced by the mild climate that makes any flower wonderful even during the winter.

This Empire of the Sun is a nice union between Provence and the neighboring Italy. You can definitely feel it in the local Gastronomie. If you listen carefully the discussion people in Nice have, you will hear time to time some Italian words. With over 10 million of tourists every year, the French Riviera is the second tourist destinations in France, thank to its mild climate and rich cultural heritage.

How do I get there?

Car : the A6 motorway goes along the French Riviera and ends in Menton. Therefore, Nice can be reached easily from anywhere in France or in Europe. It takes about nine hours from Paris, four hours from Lyon and three hours from Montpellier.

Train : Nice is particularly well connected. You can use the fast line train TGV either from Paris or from Geneve. Nice is also connected to the main italian train stations.

Airport : the closest but also the largest airport of the French Riviera is in Nice. It serves a multitude of destinations in Europe, America, Asia and North Africa.

When should I visit Nice?

If there is a sunny place in France, it is definitely Nice and the surrounding French Riviera. And this is true whether you come during the summer or during the winter. Saying that the sun shines every day would be a small lie knowing that you can also ski one hour drive from Nice. Explanation, when it rains, it is usually heavy rains!

Good to know!

Traffic is a challenge during the summer months even if the countryside and the non costal villages are somehow protected from this kind of inconvenience. The access to beaches can be particularly difficult unless you are with a local and know the shortcut! To avoid traffic jams, it is advisable to get to the beach before 11am and depart before 5pm, this leaves you enough time to enjoy the sun. Organise your holiday accommodation in Nice in advance!