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Holiday rentals in Nice

Holiday rentals in Nice: when we prepare to go on holidays, whatever the destination, the most worrying element in the preparations is always the question of accommodation. If you plan to spend your next holidays in Nice, you are also confronted with this problem and you ask where you are going to stay in this French Riviera.

The idea of ​​staying in a hotel or a guest house has certainly crossed your mind, as well as the possibility of staying in a campsite, in a cottage or in a lodge, but the best way to spend your holidays on the Côte d'Azur, in one of its most famous seaside resorts, it is still taking a holidays rental in Nice.

What options do you have for holiday rentals in Nice? First of all, there are the apartments. It should be noted that in Nice, 92% of the dwellings are apartments. If you are looking for a holiday rental in Nice, you will definitely come across several offers for apartment rentals. It is up to you to choose the one that best meets your expectations and your budget. As for the neighborhoods where these apartments are located, know that most neighborhoods of Nice are more or less crested. You will only have to choose between a flat in the city center, very lively neighborhoods or housing in the western quarters, quieter.

The second option is to rent a house or a villa. This type of holiday accommodation is very rare in Nice. It is very important to keep this in mind. If you are looking for this kind of holidays rental, you should think about booking well in advance, otherwise you risk not being served, as demand is more important than supply. As regards the geographical location of houses or villas in Nice, only a few districts have them, the others being composed exclusively of apartments in large buildings.

Mont Boron, Fabron, Cimiez, Riquier, Saint-Roch, Gambetta, Corniche Fleurie are the rare places where you can find a house or villa for rent in Nice. They were holiday resorts of the rich and noble in the 19th century. The latter had holiday residences (villas) and later the trend was perpetuated there, while the other districts of Nice were equipped with gigantic buildings.

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