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Transportation in Nice

Transportation in Nice: when you stay somewhere on holidays, there are some things you have to look at before you leave. The case of accommodation is one of these problems you should anticipate in advance, but that of transport and travel once there is also something to be given special importance, especially if you will stay in Nice.

We will not be around the bush: moving to Nice is really difficult. In some parts of the city, it is even like a real assault course. Indeed, Nice is the city of corks. Yes, it is a city where it is always good to stay as part of the holidays, but its only downside is the difficulty of traffic. A wise man is worth two, as the saying goes. This is why the subject of traffic jams in Nice has been addressed at the outset in this article.

This does not mean that holidays in Nice are always bad because of this traffic (quasi-infernal). On the contrary, to spend a holiday in this city of Riviera is all that is best provided to anticipate well the possible hazards of logistics. How then?

First, we must think about avoiding certain neighborhoods that are infamous for their almost permanent congestion. We speak here of the Madeleine, the Conch, Ventabrun, Piol and Mantéga. Basically, all the neighborhoods that separate the western area with the city center. There are certainly a few tourist attractions in this area, but if you are tempted to go for a ride, go for the bike, it will save you a lot of inconvenience.

Speaking of the city center, let's focus more specifically on the district of Old Nice. It is the oldest quarter of the city, its historical center and it is distinguished by its narrow alleys and especially by its very animated atmosphere by night as by day. It is an unmissable place of Nice and it is to be specified that in terms of transport, there is only one possibility: your two feet. The car is banned in Old Nice because of the narrow streets very frequented by pedestrians. As a result, the risk of accidents is great, not to mention the monster plugs that would form.

Outside the old town, in the central districts such as Jean Médecin, Garibaldi, Gambetta, Cimiez, Riquier, etc., the best ways to get around are always public transport. The bus, train and tram lines are the best locomotion options in Nice. It is not only in the city center that this is valid, but also in the western districts, as far as the banks of the Var. Otherwise, we mentioned earlier, there is always the bike, an ecological means of transport, sporty and playful, ideal to discover Nice at a personal pace.