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For this 2018 edition, the Carnival of Nice follows the theme \"King of Space\". Come and discover this event which is long-awaited by a large number of people! The festivity arrives at its 134th birthday and animates the entire city from February 17 to March 3, 2018. The conquest of space and the unknown will be brought to light  with a central idea particularly spatial. Choose your accommodation for the Nice Carnival.

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See below our proposals in term of accommodation to attend the next Nice Carnival! My home in Nice offers you also some accommodation to assist to any business events being hold in Nice or to the Jazz Festival.

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Creativity is the watchword of this event, which features nearly 150 plays, including some big clownish heads of politics, including the US governor and other presidential candidates. For example, there is a giant Donald Trump on a barrel of oil holding hair dryers in his hand. François Fillon, Emmanuel Macron, Manuel Valls, Marine Le Pen will be there too.The Carnaval of Nice welcomes more than one million visitors every year. This one is qualified as being one of the most beautiful standards of the tourism of the city of Nice and will be preserved by several private security agents, municipal policemen, police officer as well as about fifty cameras of video surveillance activated since the Attack on the Promenade des Anglais.The circuit of the famous parade around the Place Masséna will henceforth be entirely fortified, a verification of all the tanks will also be practiced (mine - clearing  tests renewed). Carnival participants will also have to pay an entrance ticket which will be controlled by the 36 security gates.As every year, the Carnival of Nice is held for 2 consecutive weeks and has 3 full weekends in February. It will begin, as quoted above, on February 17 and will end on March 3, 2018. The festivity is in possession of a title that gears up for  the requested theme.Would you like to attend the famous Carnival of Nice? We can help you find accommodation that meets your expectations. In this context, allow us to suggest you the house rental or villa rental, a suitable solution that will be favourable for you, because you will benefit from a spacious place, private and well equipped where you can live with the utmost secrecy and in your own time.However, there are other rental options such as apartment rentals, another alternative, smaller than the first one, but which guarantees comfort and accessibility, and at the best prices!