Where to have party night in Nice?

Going out for party night in Nice means to embark for an endless aperitif on the port which will continue with an intimate dinner or an intense gastronomic moment on one of the terraces of the trendy restaurants from the corner to the beautiful star.

And so on, the festivals keep going on until the end of the night in the trendy clubs of the area, the cabarets and the casinos ... As they say so very proudly in Nice: "Issa Nissa! "Or" Keep standing Nice! It's time for night owls to get out!

Many establishments have been created to give a night life to the city. For the enjoyment of the night owl, here is a small list of favourite places if ever your adventure and your way stops in Nice at night:

The Swing

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary bar in the neighborhood. You will need to immerse yourself deeper to find out what kind of establishment is it in reality. From the inside, a large room following a clubbing theme will already put you in the mood. The latter attracts mostly the eyes with its large screen and its innovative lights. It is also possible to have a bite to eat at any time, even very late.

The Boston Bar

This one is intended to young people who "buzz". The bar opens all year round and has become one of the most unmissable places in Nice. To get there, you just have to join the place called Île de Beauté ( The Island of Beauty) in the 11th. Once there, let yourself be seduced by the retro and assertive atmosphere of the corner plus a good dose of good humor. The most intimate ones will be able to squat the terrace of the bottom under the arcades and to savor the musical rhythms in all tranquility!

As you guessed it, Nice is a destination for all tastes and for all preferences! Above all, do not hesitate to discover it. We wish you a great stay in the capital!

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