The area of Old Nice

Holiday in Nice

Being the big Azurean capital,  Nice holds the 5th place among the immense cities of France. No need to ask about its location to the inhabitants of  Quebec who know it indistinctly! "Is it not the one which is found somewhere near Paris?" "like some peple said, those who are uncultivated in front of so much splendor! Nice has indeed all the essential to captivate you...

This city of the Côte d'Azur holds an important historical village: Old Nice which is also one of the most prestigious tourist centers of the city. Majesticly located to the west of the Port of Nice, the Old Nice is a town dotted with wonderful narrow paths and character. Just by strolling through its colorful streets will be enough to bring you in a world of authenticity!

In Old Nice, everyone finds what he is looking for ! Its cultural sites are present in order to give value to its heritage and , in this way, share with the rest of the world its riches that make the village what it is today. The "shoppings addicts" will have an opportunity to satisfy their desires to get products of trends while lazing aroudn the many avant-garde shops that remain on the lookout for fashion and elegance.

A seaside resort par excellence, the Old Nice is preparing among other things to the art of the table. A trip to the center of the Côte d'Azur gives free rein to enriching and refined gastronomic experiences. One must savor the local dishes to understand the vision of the chefs of Nice and all the love they transmit on their plates.

The area of Old Nice preserved a certain medieval image that it held during the 1960s. But today, for lack of  the ability to accommodate the constraints of its tourist activities, the village carried out a great work of development to take a slightly more modern and contemporary look.

Life in Old Nice is divided into 2 categories: the one of the day and of course that of the night. The first is usual in everyday life, while the second one is a completely different story. The heart of the neighborhood keeps on coming to life until dusk ... Make way for  the real buziness from 20 h.

The animations are in full swing until dawn ... A detail that will certainly please the night owls! Whether it's a disco party or a blinding celebration in the trendy bars, the Old Nice always has more than one trick up your sleeve in order to guarantee you a made to measure stay and especially a very fun one !