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Nice is an excellent holiday destination on the French Riviera. In this great metropolis, every neighborhood is a charming place where it is good to stay, but there are still some places that stand out from others and are more popular with tourists. Among these places is the Riquier district, north of the port and extending as far as Saint Roch, towards the Italian border. Find your accommodation in Nice Riquier Saint Roch!

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Below are listed all our offers in Nice if you intend to spend your holiday in Nice Saint Roch: apartments and houses. Consulting our website, you will also find other offers in the surrounding areas of Nice. My Home In Nice also offers holiday villas in Nice and its surroundings, apartments for rent in Nice but also villas with swimming pool in Nice.

Rent an accommodation in Nice Riquier Saint Roch

The holiday rentals in Nice Riquier Saint-Roch are in great demand insofar as the district enjoys an exceptional location. It is in the immediate vicinity of the port and the train line Marseille-Ventimiglia makes a stop here, at Nice Riquier station. Moreover, it is now a residential area, inhabited by young couples and retirees or by students of the Faculty of Medicine, located in the northern part of Saint-Roch.

Before arriving at its present appearance, the place went through several \\"facelifts\\" making it more modern and more pleasant to live. The rentals in Nice Riquier Saint-Roch have also evolved to offer greater comfort and comply with the strictest European standards.

Speaking of metamorphosis, a little leap into Nice's past is necessary to get an idea of ​​all the efforts that had to be made before giving this modern and developed aspect to the sectors of Riquier and Saint-Roch.

In the Middle Ages, the estate where the present district is located still belonged to a powerful Niçois family, the Riquiers who baptized the place of their name. At that time, only a few blacksmiths and coopers lived there until Louis XIV ordered the demolition of the ramparts of the Old City, thus linking Riquier with the rest of the city.

From there, the number of residences and businesses has grown exponentially. The construction of the port of Nice, in the immediate vicinity, south of Riquier, contributed even more to the promotion of places making the area an important part of the city.

Today, taking a rental in Nice Riquier Saint-Roch has become a must for those who wish to reside in the city center, without moving too far from the coast. For revelers and night owls, it is ideal to reside in this area since it is located at the gates of Old Nice, where the best addresses of exits are grouped.