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As part of preparing for our next holidays, we are always interested in where we will stay once at destination. If your next holidays is taking place in Nice on the French Riviera, the best place to stay is Mont Boron. Pick up your villa rental in Nice Mont Boron!

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Holiday villas to let in Nice Mont Boron

Below are listed all our offers of villas for rent in Nice Mont Boron if you intend to spend your next holiday in this pleasant part of Nice. Consulting our website, you will also find other apartment rentals in Nice Mont Boron or other villas for rent in Nice districts.

Villas for rent in Nice Mont Boron

By renting a house in Nice Mont Boron, you will find yourself in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city. Indeed, Mont Boron has always been a holiday resort for the rich, noble and members of the upper middle class English and French. All these personalities have built themselves very beautiful residences in this district to the east of Nice. The trend has continued over the decades and the new homes have also adorned themselves with beautiful assets like the ones of the beautiful era of holiday.

When you choose to spend your holiday by the sea, what more normal than to seek to have a view of this sea so dear to our eyes. When the choice of the destination is on Nice, the question of the sea view is quickly settled simply by opting for a house rental in Nice Mont Boron. Indeed, the place culminates at 190 meters of altitude, dominating the whole city and offering an exceptional panorama on the harbor of Villefranche, the port of Nice and on the districts of the city center.

Are you one of those who pay particular attention to the environment and nature and always prefer to stay closer to the green spaces? By renting a house in Nice Mont Boron, your wishes come true. Indeed, a large part of the hill is occupied by a park. There are 57 hectares of greenery that will serve as courts outside your holiday residence when you stay here.