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Tourism in the French Riviera often resembles days of lazing on the beach and swimming in the Mediterranean, along with walks along the famous avenues, strolling in luxury boutiques and chic shops. Pick up our villa rental in Nice Gambettta!

Holiday villas to let in Nice Gambetta

Below are listed all our offers of villas for rent in Nice Gambetta district if you intend to spend your next holiday in Nice. Consulting our website, you will also find other offers in the surrounding areas of Nice such as villas in Nice Fabron or Nice Riquier. My Home In Nice also offers holiday villas in Nice and villas with swimming pool in Nice.

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Villas to let in Nice Gambetta for a holiday

The holidays in Nice do not deviate from these rituals and it is by taking a house rental in Nice Gambetta that we find ourselves in the foreground to live all this. Indeed, it is the district of Nice which shelters the signs of international fame and the fashion brands most in vogue.For activities on the beach and strolls in famous avenues, everything is possible in Gambetta as the southern borders of the district are delimited by the famous Promenade des Anglais, the avenue that runs along the beaches of Nice. Renting a house in Nice Gambetta means being on the shores of the Mediterranean with the possibility of taking a head in the sea, indulging in the pleasures of carelessness sitting on the blue chairs of the Prom or lying on the warm sand of the beach.Opting for a house rental in Nice Gambetta also allows you to discover the glorious past of Nice from the days of Savoyard sovereigns in the 19th century. At that time, Nice was at the center of major urban expansion projects aimed not only at expanding it but also at making it one of the most modern cities in the Mediterranean region. The plans of the streets and roads of the quarter are of period and it must be acknowledged that these are eloquent examples of successful and harmonious town planning.It is rather difficult to describe this kind of majesty and splendor of Gambetta. You have to be there to get an idea. It is important to note, however, that the rental of a house in Nice Gambetta is in great demand, since in this city, rented apartments are often apartments. Do not forget to book well in advance your house in Gambetta, otherwise you may be overtaken by the hundreds of holidaymakers who also wish to enjoy the privilege of residing in this chic neighborhood.