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Place Massena district

Place Massena district: located in the heart of the city of Old Nice, near the avenue Jean-Médecin and the Promenade des Anglais, the Place Massena takes its origin in the works of the Consiglio d'Ornato. An urban planning agency that has put in place plans for its architecture. Following the approval of the King of Sardinia, Charles Albert, the idea of ​​extending the city was born. The place was then built between the years 1820 and 1830, and today, is registered in the heritage of Nice.

Numerous times subject to refurbishments and renovations, the city is marked by its rather singular architectures and neoclassical buildings. Nevertheless, in recent years it has modernized with the arrival of urban transport networks and the increasingly contemporary buildings.

Rich in cultural and historical heritage, the city has been the place of manifestations of all kinds, whether cultural, social, political or artistic. Like the renowned carnivals of Nice that yearly animate the city with its active population of approximately 134.232 inhabitants. Masséna was also the seat of the old municipal casino of yesteryear that no longer exists today because it was considered unattractive for the place.

To return to history and enjoy both a relaxing and informative stay, the Place Massena is the address you don’t have to miss. Without neglecting to pass in the places of conservation of Nice where it is possible to contemplate the seven wonders in white resin that illuminates the streets of the place every night. But also, the "fountain of the sun", an artistic representation of Apollo set up in 2007.

Finally, other attractions that make Place Masséna an ideal tourist destination is its ecological environment and its leisure activities. Namely, the Jardin Albert Ier, the largest public garden in Nice, the Opera House, and a little further, the Sainte Reparate Cathedral. Without forgetting the cinemas and the charms of the restoration of Nice.

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