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Carnival of Nice

The Carnival of Nice, one of the biggest of its kind in the world, is a key event for the entire French Riviera. It is certainly the most anticipated event for all Nice. At the beginning of the year, usually in February, there are several feast days during which the city lives to the rhythm of a magical event, forgetting the harshness of winter, under the sun that always shines in the skies of the Côte d'Azur while the rest of France is saddened by snow and cold.

This is an opportunity for maskers and designers to give free rein to their imagination through the decoration of carnival tanks, their clothing, their songs and dances, and so on. These giant and colorful parades that take place day or night are animated by more than 1000 musicians and dancers from all over the world. Basically, it is 15 days of shows and festivities in which all the Nice residents participate, but also all the tourists who are present in the city at this time.

Where does this festive fever that touches all the inhabitants of Nice at this time of the year come from? They have inherited it from their ancestors since the Middle Ages. In this distant past, the Niçois, before fasting for 40 days, according to the Catholic tradition of Lent, enjoyed a rich and copious cookery. This festive period was accompanied by a series of animations: balls, masquerades, dances, farandoles, bonfires, various exhibitions. It was then appropriate to make fun of everything and all at the expense of everyone, hidden behind masks, protected by disguises and this, until Mardi Gras.

The carnival tradition has survived all the trials by which Nice has passed over the last 9 centuries. Sovereigns succeeded one another, wars arose, epidemics decimated a good part of the population, periods of peace and happiness also passed, but the carnival, remained to him as popular as at its beginnings. Nowadays, various animations for the big ones as for the small ones as well as several spectacles take place in the emblematic places of Nice, within the framework of these festivities of February. Everyone finds something to his taste, because the Carnival of Nice is also an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a few personal pleasures.