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Chagall Museum

Chagall Museum: Created with the support of the Minister of Culture André Malraux, the Chagall Museum in Nice has gained notoriety beyond the borders of France since its inauguration in 1973. If this museum is one of the most famous and the more visited in the city of Nice, it is simply because the greatest works of the artists are exhibited here, an artist who knew how to seduce the world public with his paintings of religious and spiritual inspiration.

The Chagall Museum distinguishes itself from all these Niçois counterparts by the fact that it was open during the artist's lifetime and that the artist was one of the first and most important donors of the institution. The centerpieces of the Chagall Museum's collection are a series of seventeen canvases depicting the biblical message and offered to the French State in 1966. This series illustrates Genesis, the Exodus and the Song of Songs. It is also because of the presence of these works that the museum acquired the title of "National Museum of the Biblical Message".

Apart from the Chagall paintings, the museum also exhibits sculptures, drawings and engravings by the same artist. There are also non-permanent exhibitions held regularly between the four walls of the institution, located at 36 avenue du Docteur Ménard. Depending on the season of the year or themes predefined by the management of the museum, the accomplishments of local artists coincide with the masterpieces of the great Chagall.

The site that hosts the Chagall Museum in Nice is an attraction in itself. Designed on the plans of the architect André Hermant, on the recommendation of Chagall himself, the building is rather a "house", a place of spirituality that bathes in a climate of serenity. The sobriety of the walls and the rigorous forms that make it possible to emphasize and enhance the art of Chagall. In addition, the garden at the entrance of the museum is a reminder of that of Eden, but is also distinguished by the preponderance of the Mediterranean flora: olive trees, cypresses, pines and holm oaks are the most notable species in wiithin this green space with white and blue flowers.