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Museums in Nice

Museums in Nice: to spend a holiday in the city of Nice without visiting its museums is to miss the local wonders. It may be an universe that you do not understand? Be aware that beyond a simple outing and discovering the riches and cultures of the world, you are led to explore rare works that you will not find anywhere. More than 10 museums are worth a visit in Nice for an amazing world.

To admire more than a million specimens of which a series of birds, molluscs, minerals and fossils, go to the Museum of Natural History of Nice. It is recognizable by the building with the facades in arcade in the boulevard Risso. The exhibitions inform you about the richness of the natural environment of our globe through endemic animal and plant species from all over the world.

To expand your knowledge of art and culture, the Museum of Fine Arts is the right place. Collections of works from the regional primitive era dating back to the 18th century, works by Carl Van Loo, Louis Bréa, Abraham Bloemaert and many others are presented, as well as nineteenth-century academic sculptures and paintings . It must be admitted that nothing but the building inspired by the Italian Renaissance, Genoese and Michelangelo models is already an artistic work.

The Marc Chagall Museum, the Matisse Museum, the Massena Museum, the Naive Art Museum and the Asian Arts Museum also exhibit paintings, graphic arts and specific objects belonging either to the eponymous artist or to an era. Each museum has its own specificities whose biblical message is attributed to Marc Chagalle for example. The world of the history of naive painting from the eighteenth century to the present day and the emblematic works related to Asian cultures are absolutely extraordinary.

Making a tour of the museums also promises representations about ancient civilizations. The archaeological excavations on the side of Cimiez or Terra Amata have also borne fruit. You can appreciate them through the precious objects found relating to the ages of metals, from antiquity or the early Middle Ages as well as the remains left by the Homo erectus of Nice. They belong to the Museum of Archeology distributed on these two sites.

Finally, the National Sport Museum deserves a jump to the Allianz Riviera stadium to have a concrete idea on this cosmos. You will be entitled to the collections of more than 45 000 objects and 400 000 documents relating the history of sport for 500 years including impressions of the 1998 World Cup, French giants in the matter such as Yannick Noah, Marie José Perec or Jean Claude Killy .