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Hiking in Nice

Hiking in Nice: Nice is nestled in the bay of the Angels, and the hills and the Paillon are part of its landscapes. Discovering this beauty, small villages and local vegetation is a recreation that you can associate with physical activity. Do not forget to slip a card and a compass into your backpack and bring along water and proper clothing (with cap) for a merged sport of exploration.

On foot or by bike, the visit of the city and the Hinterland makes your walk a special tour. Mountain enthusiasts can enjoy a moment of freedom enjoying a superb view at the crest of the Monts et des Cimes. A hike to Razet leads you to the discovery of the ruins and the blockades. Along the way, admire the panorama in the middle of the mountains through a wild path.

As it is a walk, the decor offered by the show in the area is just wonderful. A half-day or more to go back and forth to Mont-Ours is worth to reach the Siricocca Point to contemplate the view on the sea or the summit culminating for the charm in the vicinity with a 360 ° panorama. The circuit at the Drop of Cangelard overlooks a beautiful pine and hazel forest. The common place of these sites is that they are located at a height of 1200 meters and their track alternates a disparity of ludic paths (earthy, stony, with schists or limestones).

A trip around Nice takes you back to the heart of mountain peaks, ravines, water points and villages with high houses. Browsing Peillon village for example offers another facet of the Commune with its historical monuments: the fountain and the Church of the Transfiguration and its centuries-old plants (olive trees and cypresses). Enjoy a less steep slope, high of 678 meters at the Louquière. Do not miss climbing the cliffs of the red Baus, a less difficult circuit, ideal for a simple walk.