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The coastal pathway in Nice

The coastal pathway in Nice: we all admit that Nice is a seaside resort world renowned for its Promenade des Anglais and the extent of its beaches. It is also the French city well known for its museums after Paris. If this is not enough to spend a good time alone, with family or friends in this city, a walk along the coastal pathway will take your half day to appreciate the blue of the sea. Do not forget Not to carry in your bag bathing suits!

This type of activity exists in the Alpes-Maritimes, specifically in this second city of the region where you can discover the splendors of the Riviera. This aisle well arranged and very close to the sea takes you from the port to Villefranche sur mer. If time is short, you can always enjoy a few pleasant trails to have a good morale. Because, yes, this sea air of the Mediterranean does a lot of good on health.

Returning to our walk, it takes sun and less wind to enjoy pleasantly this beauty. The track is irregular, and although the site is protected, it remains wild. You may encounter ocher lands, rock-cut paths and small wooden bridges, which makes this hobby even more captivating. The itinerary will surely take you to one of the 5 easily recognized recesses for their sign just a few meters from the avenues. All are worth knowing.

This coastal pathway is surprising between the restaurant "La Réserve" and the Cap de Nice. Underwater species live on rocks, in faults, in seagrass beds or on sand. It's time to put on your snorkel for a dive in the immediate vicinity of the shore. Admire algae, sponges, sea urchins, starfish or jellyfish in the rocky bottoms area. To meet the fish and the great crustaceans like the lobsters and the cicadas, the cliffs underwater abound.

The best time of day to contemplate these wonders is early in the morning. There are jellyfish, gelatinous plankton, translucent and bristly with extraordinary shapes and appearances. This will avoid the agitation caused by waves and boats. Before you immerse yourself, also think of putting a combination, gloves and a mask as protection against the bites of these curious creatures.