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Gastronomy in Nice

Gastronomy in Nice: Nice is the country of lazing on the beach and swimming in the clear and crystalline waters of the Mediterranean. It is the ideal seaside resort for the practice of various nautical activities, but it is also, and especially the capital of the Cote d'Azur in terms of gastronomy. All the culinary specialties of the country of Liguria are present in the menus of the restaurants, but are also found in the plates of the inhabitants on a daily basis.

The most emblematic recipe of Nice is certainly the famous "socca", a dish made with chickpea flour. As mentioned earlier, the Niçois consume daily typical dishes of the region and socca is one of them. From a very young age until the end of his life, a Niçois regularly eats socca and this specialty is served in all circumstances. The festivals without socca in Nice are not worthy of the name.

Another specialty also deserves a special mention: the pissaladiéra. It is true that this recipe is also very widespread in Provence, but in Nice, it enjoys a rather special place. It is a cultural heritage, a tradition related to the genoese origins of the inhabitants of Nice. It must not be forgotten that Nice was always attached to the kingdoms of Italy before its annexation to France in 1860. The city is now French, but it has never forgotten its roots. The pissaladière, considered the first modern pizza, a recipe six to seven centuries old (or even older), is precisely one of those elements of tradition that Nice still perpetuates.

Still talking about gastronomy in Nice, it is impossible to avoid mentioning the very famous salad niçoise, world famous, served in all the restaurants of the world. Made with raw vegetables: cébettes, tomatoes, prawns, celery, small purple artichokes, green and red peppers, basil leaves, hard boiled eggs, anchovy fillets, olive oil and olives of Nice, no chef worthy of the name does not ignore this recipe. This salad is one of the main entrees offered in the Nice region and in Provence, but can be a meal in itself.

Other specialties of Nice are also to be discovered as part of a stay in this city: porchetta, pan bagnat, brissaoula, daube niçoise, bagna cauda, ​​estocafic, etc. There are so many that we can not quote them all. In any case, what is certain is that the gastronomy of Nice promises an unforgettable journey into the world of tastes and flavors. These are also a holiday for the taste buds in the same way as lazing around and tanning are holidays for the body and mind.