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Museum of Natural History of Nice

Museum of Natural History of Nice: as part of the holidays in Nice, while strolling in the mythical district of Garibaldi, it is impossible to miss the building located at number 60, boulevard Risso. This building, recognizable by its facades in arcade, shelters the oldest museum of Nice: that dedicated to the Natural History.

The Museum of Natural History of Nice opens its doors in 1846, under the impulse of Antoine Risso, an eminent Nice naturalist. The boulevard that houses the museum has been named as a tribute to the latter. Initially, the collections featured large series of birds, molluscs, minerals and fossils. Over the years, donations and acquisitions have brought the richness of the Natural History Museum of Nice to over a million specimens, largely from the Mediterranean regions, but also from South America, Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

An instrument of knowledge of biodiversity, a testimony to the richness, but also to the fragility of Mediterranean natural environments, the Museum of Natural History of Nice also aims to enhance these treasures in order to raise public awareness of the importance of protection Of the natural environment. Beyond all this, the museum is above all a place where we can discover species of animals and plants endemic of several zones of the globe. It is an opportunity for young and old to marvel at the treasures of nature, to be astonished by certain unusual specimens.

Visiting the Museum of Natural History of Nice is a beautiful way to end the day . After a day at the beach, a walk in Old Nice and other downtown areas, it is always good to have a relaxing time with family, couple, friends or alone troughout permanent and periodical exhibitions of the museum of Nice.

At the exit of this institution, the minds are always occupied by the different discoveries that have been made there. Children begin to discuss gardening projects or begin to pressure parents to adopt a pet, while the latter still do not return from the excellent preservation of some specimens, more than 2 centuries old. If there is a museum that deserves to be visited in the south-east of France, the Museum of Natural History of Nice is certainly at the top of the list.