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Find your holiday apartment rental in Nice Place Massena

When we prepare to go on holiday in Nice, we necessarily wonder what is the best place to stay in the city and what type of holiday accommodation is the most interesting. The answers to these two questions can be summed up in one sentence: rent an apartment in Nice Place Masséna. Why an apartment rental in Nice Place Massena?

Our apartment rentals in Nice Place Massena for a holiday

Below are listed all our offers of apartments for rent in Nice Place Massena if you intend to spend your next holiday in Nice. My home in also proposes  apartments for rent in Nice but also in the adjacent districts of Musicians and Jean Medecin Avenue.

Rent an apartment in Nice Place Massena

First, because in Nice, most dwellings (92%) are apartments. Renting an apartment therefore becomes quite natural. It is however worth noting that the apartments are rather plush and spacious, especially in the downtown areas, in the immediate vicinity of the old town.In this immediate vicinity of Old Nice, there is Place Masséna. We can also say that it is a bit the heart of the city, since the area has a prime location, a stone's throw from the beach, close to all the places of interest of the city City and point of convergence of all the axes coming from all the other districts of the city. This is why it is more than judicious to opt for an apartment rental in Nice Place Massena.The other major advantage of an apartment rental in NicePlace Masséna is the presence of the Albert I garden in the heart of the neighborhood. It can be accessed just at the exit of the building in which the apartment in question is located. It is a bit of a green courtyard that overlooks the Promenade des Anglais and the beach. It is a suitable place for relaxation, sheltered in the shade of trees, lying on the grass, eyes looking out to sea, free spirit.A holiday rental in Nice Place Masséna is always a sure bet. It is the guarantee to stay in one of the best areas of Nice and in terms of the standard of accommodation, it is the ultimate at a far better rate than that of the prestigious hotels of the Promenade des Anglais.