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Nice is the most important city on the Côte d'Azur and is also one of the oldest cities in this whole south-eastern region of France. The foundation of the city dates back to 400 BC and it was in the present-day neighborhood of Old Nice that this took place. From there, the city has grown to become the important metropolis it is today. Find your apartment rental in Nice old town!

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Below are listed all our offers of apartments for rent in the old part of Nice known as Vieux Nice if you intend to spend your next holiday in Nice. Consulting our website, you will also find other apartments in Nice but also in the adjacent districts: The antiquarians district and the harbour one.

Rent an apartment in Nice old town for your holiday

Although Nice extends to the shores of the Var to the west, the liveliest  place still remains the heart of the city and the downtown districts. On the tourist plan, this is also the most attractive places in Nice and the demands of apartment rental in Nice Old Town are booming.The area is always busy from morning to night as well as at night. During the day, the market located Cours Saleya abounds with people: people who come to shop there, traders who sell their products, tourists and onlookers of all kinds. The same is true of streets with shops, trendy clothing shops, tattoo artists, and so on. When you rent an apartment in Old Nice, you naturally let yourself be carried away by this permanent frenzy in which the neighborhood is bathed.Once night has fallen, the neighborhood still does not sleep. In fact, he never sleeps. It is also the meeting place for night owls and the fief of partygoers. The narrow streets are dotted with restaurants, pubs, bars, brasseries and nightclubs of all kinds. After a day at the beach, vacationers do not fail to make a small detour before joining their apartment rental in Nice Old Town.From the first glimmer of the morning, rebelote for a very busy day. The life in Old Nice is always this way: a joyful charivari with the participation of the inhabitants, the traders and the tourists. Speaking of the latter, on the first day of their arrival, they are astonished at the fact that here the car is banned. Everything is done on foot, to go to the beach, to go to the side of the place Garibaldi, to go to the discovery of the buildings and the famous monuments, etc. An apartment rental in Vieux Nice thus becomes an excellent starting point for these walks.