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Find your holiday apartment rental in Nice Saint Isidore!

Seasonal rentals are booming nowadays and My home  in is precisely one of the companies that specialize in this area, linking holiday makers looking for holiday accommodation with property owners seeking to take advantage of their second homes. Find your apartment rental in Nice Saint Isidore.

Our apartment rentals in Nice Saint Isidore for a holiday

Below are listed all our offers of apartments for rent in Nice Saint Isidore if you intend to spend your next holiday in Nice. Consulting our website, you will also find apartments for rent in Nice but also in the adjacent districts of Nice Riquier  and Nice old town

Rent an apartment in Nice Saint Isidore for the coming summer

Among the offers of Myhomein Nice, some of them concern apartments for rent in Nice Saint-Isidore. If Nice is known as an important seaside resort on the Côte d'Azur, what about the neighborhood of Saint-Isidore? Is it really a place where it is good to stay as part of the holidays in Nice? What advantages can be gained by opting for a holiday rental at this location?First of all, it is important to talk about the geographical situation of the neighborhood in the city of Nice. It is a district located to the west of the city, on the banks of the Var, northerly, on the road to Grenoble. Basically, the neighborhood is in the hinterland of Nice.What's the point of staying at a place far from the sea while in a seaside resort, would you? Be aware that beyond the a priori, it is precisely one of the districts of Nice that allow easy access to the beach and to the swimming spots in the Mediterranean.How is it possible ? Simply because the area is crossed by the road from Grenoble, connecting it directly with the famous Promenade des Anglais. It is a fast lane, the traffic is fluid while everywhere else in Nice, we often galley in the corks. For easy access to the beach, it is necessary to settle in the quarters of the littoral, unless renting an apartment in Nice Saint Isidore.To illustrate this, let's take the example of the journey that would link an apartment rental in Nice Saint-Isidore with the Phoenix park, starting from the Promenade des Anglais. The distance between these two is less than 6 kilometers that can be covered in a dozen minutes. Once you reach the Promenade, you are already at the beach and from there, if you want to continue further east to Old Nice, following the Prom of 8 km would not take more than thirty minutes in terrible traffic conditions.