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Find your holiday apartment rental in Nice airport!

Over the centuries, the face of Nice has not ceased to change, becoming more and more modern. Although initially a fortified city, various expansion projects led to the emergence of new districts, first in the immediate vicinity of the old town, and then further west to establish the borders of the city on the banks of the Var. The further away from Old Nice in the direction of the western districts, the more the places display a modern and contemporary image. Find your holiday apartment rental in Nice airport!

Our apartment rentals in Nice Airport

Below are listed all our offers of apartments for rent in Nice Airport if you intend to spend your next holiday in Nice. Consulting our website, you will also find other offers type of properties available in Nice airport, but more generally speaking in Nice and the surrounding districts of Fabron and Corniche Fleurie.

Rent an apartment in Nice airport for your holiday

By taking an apartment rental in Nice Airport, we find ourself in the most evolved part of Nice. Indeed, in this area, the large glass buildings contrast with the neo-classical buildings of the downtown districts. Moreover, the very presence of the largest provincial airport at this location testifies to this progress of the western districts of Nice compared to its opposite counterparts.The Arenas, the area that houses the airport, is business. Several large companies have their headquarters here and thousands of employees work in hundreds of offices in high-rise buildings with ultra-complex architecture. Once again, the passage of the modernist wave is felt here and has also affected the dwellings. Indeed, when taking an apartment rental in Nice Airport, we are pleasantly surprised by the comfort, the original decor, the sleek design of the furniture and much more.In this sector of Nice, even the green spaces present touches of modernity, like the Phoenix park. It is a botanical and zoological park with an area of ​​7 hectares, but what differentiates it from all the others of the genus is that there is here a huge greenhouse of 25 meters high, one of the largest in Europe.Finally, it goes without saying that the new technologies, now essential to our way of life, have not been neglected in the holiday accommodation of the Arenas. An apartment rental in Nice Airport thus has all the paraphernalia: WIFI connection, cable TV, supports for iPod and MP3, video projector, state-of-the-art home automation, etc. You can also check other offers ]in Nice Saint Augustin.