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The lantern beach in Nice

The lantern beach in Nice: all the beaches of Nice have the privilege to walk along the Promenade des Anglais, but these two sites deviate a little bit of it. They are side by side and are close to the airport, so on the west side of the city. Public beaches, both have their own specificities even if they are made of pebbles to be less scalding than sand.

Traveling with her doggie mostly presents discomfort while you go to the site of the Lantern in her company is allowed you. It must be admitted that the landscape does not live up to the visit of the Baie des Anges, fortunately that it has a mound for protection, which offers a pleasant bathing.

Even if renting a good mattress on site can be a disadvantage for the Lantern beach, finding a free car park just outside nevertheless remains an exclusivity in the city. You do not go all the same to tan only and to walk of course of Medor, know that it is possible to fish.

Between it and the beach of Carras, a field of beach volleyball is arranged there so that even the people with reduced mobility can play there. In addition, the visually impaired and the visually impaired will be equipped with a transmitter with 3 buttons that activates the 4 beacons at sea to be able to take advantage of the bathing water of Carras.

The main assets of this site are its Handiplage label in addition to its 350-meter extension. It also has a beautiful location, ideal for jet skiing, which is why a nautical center is installed there. A restaurant on the sea delimits it to the east for those wishing to rent mattresses or umbrellas.

In short, it is a place of bathing guarded during the summer and it even has its center of rescue. Parking is not too much trouble since apart from the free parking in front of the Lantern, another paying agent gives access to it. After sports activities or a relaxing moment at the beach, to stretch a little legs, a park is not far away, the Phoenix.