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The Opera beach in Nice

The Opera beach in Nice: two places make the reputation of Nice, the first is the oldest quarter of this city and the second is the promenade of the English. Both are well worth a visit, starting with a relaxing Mediterranean beach on the Opera beach, one of the magical places on this avenue. In the afternoon, you can walk to Old Nice to visit the wealth of a site more than 2000 years old, hence its name.

Located on the quay of the United States, opposite the Nice Opera, this small beach, like most of these counterparts open to all public, is reduced in terms of surface to leave room for private beaches. Here, the quality of the water invites you to swim, it is impossible to resist the call against the limpidity of the sea. Even if it is made of pebble, another specificity of the beaches of Nice, it allows you to expose to the sun.

To the extent that a simple shower as a free service is not enough, a private beach is part of the landscape where a mattress, umbrella, or even cocktails are available with the adequate amount. It is the oldest private beach of Nice since it dates from 1889. It is even a local institution. It is possible to eat there after sipping a small aperitif.

Although this establishment is connected to the site, other restaurants, bars and hotels can be found nearby to taste the local specialties, including the famous Niçoise salad. Do not miss the cuisine like grandmother ones, who highlights the local products as well as those of the sea. You can also enjoy delicacies in the area among other dishes. After a moment of swimming, farniente and delights in your plates, it is time to go to discover the heritage of Nice.